Anderson Manufacturing AR15 Mil-Spec Quality Lower Parts Kit (LPK)

$45.95 $49.95

Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 lower parts kit. It includes all the small parts needed to complete your lower. You will just need a stock kit and an upper. This kit includes a standard right-hand safety selector.

All parts are Mil-Spec quality.

Made in the USA

The Lower Parts Kit includes:



  • Black A2 Pistol Grip


  • Pistol Grip Screw


  • Pistol Grip Lock Washer


  • Trigger Guard


  • Trigger Guard Roll Pin


  • Standard Trigger


  • Trigger Spring


  • Trigger Pin


  • Hammer


  • Hammer Spring


  • Hammer Pin


  • Disconnector


  • Disconnector Spring


  • Safety Selector


  • Selector Spring


  • Selector Detent


  • Bolt Catch Spring


  • Bolt Catch


  • Bolt Catch


  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin


  • Magazine Catch Button


  • Magazine Catch


  • Magazine Catch Spring


  • Front Pivot Pin


  • Pivot Pin Detent Spring


  • Takedown Pin


  • Take Down Detent


  • Buffer Retainer Pin


  • Buffer Retainer Spring

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